FUNNY STORY: Difference between Nigeria and America

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Today I am here with three Another depression problem solver

1. Difference between Nigeria and America

2. Fat Girls

3.America Conversation

SON: Mum someone gave me chocolate today.

Mum: Wow! I hope you thanked him.

Son:Yes Mum.

Mum: Always appreciate if someone present a gift to you even if you do not like it

Son: Ok! I will do it

Nigeria Conversation

Son: Mum someone gave me chocolate today.

Mum:Hiaaaaaaaan!!! Who? where?(slap the son) how many times ( Slap the son again) did I tell you don’t ever (Another Slap son) collect something from strangers?

Oh my God

Are you such kind of Mother?

Are your such kind of Father?

Are such kind of Sister or Brother?


To marry a fat girl you dont pay bride price, you do clearance only. Bride price is for slim girls only.


One day your sister get belle and you emphasize asking her where did she get it and at end she tell you is your Husband and it is by mistake.

Can you forgive your husband for impregnating your sister by mistake?

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