Chinese trader now princely headdress as a chief in Kano, Nigeria

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A Chinese trader has been crowned as a chief in Kano, Nigeria.

Mike Zhang’s new title of Wakilin Yan China, translates to ‘leader of the Chinese residents’ and represents the growing importance of the community in Kano.

Below are what Nigerian are saying about crownding Chinese despite the racist we are facing in their country

This is not funny at all and it’s not Nigeria only Chinese are doing it in most African countries we need to unite as Africans and fight against this taboo. We got to form an African organisation for new generation that deals with such issues. If we had such an organisation we would have stopped the killing of our brothers in South Africa.

It must stop there in Nigeria we don’t want it to spread all over Africa .

How embarrassing! do we know how our brothers and sisters are being treated in China?? Can they even give them a decent job, what did we do as Africans to deserve this kind d of thinking?

This is shameful. First, address how African immigrants aren’t treated well and experience racism in China. This is how we lose our land and resources. What is wrong with us as Africans?

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